With ± 1 µm (3 sigmas) post-bond accuracy in stand-alone or full automatic mode, the NEO HB is an automatic flip-chip bonder designed for production.

Combining high precision, flexibility and very short cycle time, it is pefectly suitable for hybrid / direct bonding processes.


Key Benefits

 Fully automatic functions

  User-friendly interface for multiple applications and processes

  Closed-loop systems to guarantee a high repeatability in operations

  Compatible from stand alone to full automatic

  Cost effective solution

  SECS/GEM interface to connect a host computer


Technical Data

Click here to request the NEO HB Datasheet.



Process Capabilities

  Hybrid / direct bonding (room temperature)

  Flip-chip bonding, die bonding

  Pick & Place


  Hybrid / Direct bonding (room temperature)

  Flip-chip bonding, die bonding

  Chip-to-wafer, wafer level applications

  Chip-to-substrate bonding

  Pick & Place

Memory stacking