Stand Alone Atmospheric Plasma System



The OntosTT, proposed in 2 versions - 200 mm and 300 mm , is a table-top semi-automatic Atmospheric Plasma System for surface preparation.

2 sizes of Plasma head are available - 25 mm and 40 mm.

It provides a simple, effective, clean surface modification method which does not require the throughput-robbing vacuum chamber associated with traditional plasma systems.

It performs this surface modification without ion bombardment and without the cross-contamination issues often associated with conventional plasma systems.










OntosIS (OEM)
Atmospheric Plasma Head for Integration into Third Party Equipment


The OEM version of the Ontos Plasma Head is available for integration into third party equipment.

3 sizes of Plasma head are available - 10 mm25 mm and 40 mm.

The OntosIS system is available on our FC300 Flip-Chip Bonder.





Key Benefits



Technical Data


Click here to request the OntosTT Datasheet.